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Take control of your own health information

Enter, access and keep all types of health information in one place. You own the data, we keep it safe.

We support 4 different types of health information - Medical records,  Treatment, Medication & Immunization records, Dental records and Vitals.  New modules will be launched regularly. 

Keep more accurate medical information with our database of over 80,000 medical diagnosis.

Care for your loved ones

Care for your loved ones

Manage the health information of your loved ones. Allow another to view a loved one’s medical information or even transfer the management of their health information if you are no longer able to manage.

On your lap, in your pocket.

Access your account on the mobile (iOS or Android) and the web. Updates on any platform are automatically synced across all platforms.

Other Features

Data Synchronization

Your data is synced across multiple devices and platforms when online.

Digital Reports

Download reports of all or selected records anywhere, anytime.

Offline Mode

Once logged in, the mobile app can be used even without internet access.

Attach Medical Reports

Store physical medical reports by taking a photo of the report and attaching it to your Aequo360 data.

Restore Deleted Information

You can restore any deleted health data within 30 days of the deletion date.

Vitals Graph

Track any vital statistics (eg weight, blood pressure, etc).  Progress is displayed in a table and graph.

Our story

In 2005, when I was expecting my first child in the UK, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of paper-based medical information I had to carry with me at all times, i.e. my pregnancy record/chart, personal health status and documents. This experience triggered a sketch of what could be feasible with a portable electronic health record.

3 years later, my journey and experiences in the USA highlighted the disparity of access to my vital medical information as I prepared for the birth of my second son; thereby further mapping out my plans for technological innovation to empower patients with their health data.

However, it was still prohibitively expensive to develop a patient-centered electronic platform, and I had to wait several more years until IT platforms converged to enable a realistic pursuit of my aspiration.  

My fortuitous meeting with Irene, an entrepreneur and veteran in the gaming industry, augmented the possibilities to address the growing unmet need of our families and more importantly the wider under-served communities.  With encouragement, support and unstinting belief of our families, AEQUO360 is now a reality to aid those who wish to chart a new horizon for their wellbeing.

We welcome you to join us in this endeavour !

Su-Lan Chen (Founder) & Irene Chua (co-Founder)

Our story


We seek to empower people to manage their health by enabling convenient access to their vital information anytime, anywhere. Together, we can amplify the wellbeing of communities through passionate combination innovative technologies and enduring humanity.

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